Does Cornmeal Kill Ants

does cornmeal kill antsIt’s very surprising to know how some household products can free your home from pests. Cornmeal is among the household products that kill ants. My first reaction to this fact was to ask: how does cornmeal kill ants? Well whatever it is cornmeal can get rid of ants.

Cornmeal is made from maize or corn and comes in different contents and colors. Its a product use by many across the world and its very environmental friendly. An inexpensive product but very effective one. No need to break your bank to drive off pests.

How Does Cornmeal Kill Ants?

Ants get into homes for one thing only, food. It doesn’t matter whether you are very clean or not. The various theories about cornmeal and ants come down to a common point. Thus cornmeal does get rid of ants from homes. This is a fact that I’ve experienced myself on different occasions. The most important thing to do is to find their bleeding base but this can be very difficult.

Its a scientific fact that ants follow scent trails. Cornmeal disrupts ants scent trails preventing them to find food. And if they can’t find what they are there for they move off. Also if ants eat cornmeal they are not able to digest it and that kill them. So cornmeal is an effective household ant remover product. Don’t just ask how does cornmeal kill ants? Just use it on them especially their base,if you can find it. Sprinkle it around wherever the target places and they will move on or die.

Other Household Products That Kill Ants

The main problem with pests like ants is they may be bleeding outside your home. You have to locate that if you can. If not you may have to call in professionals which can be costly. The professionals also may be using pesticides or chemicals which is also not environmentally friendly.

Wait before you call for help or ask again how does cornmeal kill ants. Consider using the following household products that can kill the pestering ants!


If you are a teacher or have access to chalk take it home with you and draw a line around the home entry points or where the ants are. The ants do not like the calcium carbonate in the chalk and will definitely take a hike!
Grind the chalk and sprinkle it around the garden plants to deter both ants and slugs.


I have no more fear for ants as I came to know how ordinary stuff like flour can drive them away. I’ve long forgotten my reaction to cornmeal: does cornmeal kill ants? Flour is another easy and available in the house. Sprinkle a line of flour along the area where you will see ants lingering in your home. The flour is the ants krypton and ants will not dare cross over.


Ants come into the house looking for sugar and sugary food. Instead, give them pepper! Cayenne pepper sprinkled in spots that ants have occupied will help them pack up fast and take leave!

Safe Way to Kill Ants

When ants invade your home, you don’t have to pack up and leave. In-fact, you don’t even have to use money on them. Go into your kitchen or bathroom and make up a mixture of soapy water. This is a safe and effective procedure to kill ants. They don’t stand a chance with soapy mixture.
Spray the soapy water on the areas that the ants have invaded. The soap will make the ants breathe less and die. Soap water is safe for humans and pets as well. The mixture is only bad for ants.

If you have a baby, you must also have baby powder with you. Baby powder kills ants in a slow but precise death. Further, it messes up any trails they have mapped out in your home. No ants will be able to come back should they survive and escape! Very safe and inexpensive as well.

There you go, try the above easy steps and ants will never be a problem EVER again. You don’t have to panic when you see ants in your home. And definitely no more how does cornmeal kill ants?.

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