How Does Cornmeal Kill Ants In The House?

cornmeal-kill-ants The wonder working food. Cornmeal is good for humans but fatal for ants. An ordinary household product but a mighty weapon for all households. I was surprised when my phone rang a bit late in the night and the caller was my sister-in law. Her flat had been invaded by ants and after calling a few friends one of the suggestions we received was cornmeal. My first reaction was blurting out does cornmeal kill ants? We sprinkled cornmeal we picked from a local shop all over the place and to my surprise it worked.

If you are looking for a simple solution to get rid of ants from your house without harming little ones as well as pets, then cornmeal is an ideal one. This product is a household one and available in other different kinds . Cornmeal is attracted to most ants but because they cannot digest it they die after eating it. Because ants carry food to their nets to be shared by all many of them get killed as well.

Does Cornmeal Kill Ants From Your Home?

Quaker yellow corn meal is a household product that is used in all kinds of food preparation but a powerful weapon against ants in the house. Cornmeal is also able to disrupt ants scents. As ants use their scent network to travel around any break of their network would cause confusion among them.  Yes cornmeal does kill and remove ants from homes. Its a nemeses for ants and its something I believe every household should have one against the unexpected visits of ants.

Cornmeal is one of the cheapest and effective ways to get rid of ants from your environment. You can easily find their hiding place by following them and then sprinkle it on to them to eat it. This is a fast way and very environmental free product. Not many people are aware of the use of cornmeal on ants.  My little research showed me that I am not the only person blurting out the question does cornmeal kill ants?

There are several types of ants and many of them are attracted to homes for various reasons with food and shelter among them. Even though there are some powerful chemical ants killers out there, you can safely deal with almost any ants invasion without chemicals. Ants are very persistent insects and unless they are completely eliminated from your area they would definitely come back. So find their base and destroy it. Some people who have successfully used cornmeal to get rid of ants do complain about the mess created. But most believe that the end result far outweighs any mess caused. Especially when they consider the non toxic effect where children and pets are concerned not mentioning the cost involved, they are more than happy with the mess.

There are other household products like sugar that can also be used against  ants. Many of the products  we use in our houses can be used in killing ants but some work well with different ants than others but this article is dealing with cornmeal and its effect on ants.