What Kills Ants

what kills antsWhat kills ants is a question that must have been asked almost by every household. Ants can be pest in every home, both clean and unclean ones. Ants have no boundaries and they don’t come to your homes because its clean or not. They are there for food, and surprisingly every home has their kind of food in abundance.

The big problem with ants is that they probably may be bleeding outside your home. And until their base is found and destroyed you’re very likely to have them around for very long time. Don’t just beat yourself that you’re not clean enough to have them around. Instead your question of what kills ants must be answered by finding their source or looking for a solution that they will take to their base and kill them there.

Ways to Kill Ants

As I’ve just said, the best way is to find their source and destroy them, but that can be very difficult especially if you live in a block of flats. But whatever the situation may be these pests can be controlled either by yourself or in extreme cases calling in the professionals. If your question what kills ants is to be answered by professionals it may be cost you a lot and they most likely would be using pesticides or chemical products.
However if the ant pest in your environment could be tackled by yourself which many people do there are natural ways of going about it and which also happen to be cheaper and environmentally friendly.

What Kills Ants Naturally

One commonly known natural household product is cornmeal. My first reaction to this fact was to ask how does cornmeal kill ants? Cornmeal is a natural household product made from maize or corn. It actually destroys the ants scents trail making them unable to find food as they use their scent trail to find food. So sprinkle cornmeal unto the occupied places and soon they will move off.

Cinnamon is also a household product that ants don’t like. This will also not kill them but drive them away freeing your environment of pests. I’ve actually used this successfully on different occasions. So the question may not actually be what kills ants but rather what may drive ants away from your homes.

Soapy water is an effective ant killer product. Just mix water and liquid soap and spray onto the ants occupied places and that will give them breathing difficulties and die.

Other Ways of Killing Ants

Many homeowners with an ant problem will use ant spray on them. These sprays are easily available in our local shops, and are very effective. However, most peopleĀ  worry about the effects chemicals may have on their environment. They just don’t want toxic pesticides affect the families and their pets.

So while pesticides are a sure way to kill ants from your home, most families won’t use them. There are several other ways of killing ants available that are toxic free and have no other effect but killing the ants. What kills ants could be sitting right in your home.

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